What Do You Need to Know About Laser Cutting Machines: A Comprehensive Guide

Many machine parts are manufactured in large volumes with the help of fast and efficient machines. Those machines are capable of repeating the action as many times as you want. In this way, the bulk production setup becomes more agile and lean. As a result, manufacturers meet massive demands on time. Not just machine parts but other types of products are manufactured through those machines. They are called laser-cutting machines. What is laser cutting? It is a fast and efficient process of cutting sheets into desired shapes with the help of a hot laser. That laser could be made of gas or a beam of diode. It burns and melts the targeted workpiece with a clean finish. 

How To Use Laser Cutting Machine?

It requires proper training based on the type of machine you have. Since it runs on CNC software, there are multiple steps to follow. First, you will have to select the design you want. Once you select the design or shape, you will move to the material selection process. It could be metal, plastic, or any suitable one. Then, you import the design into the CNC system through CAD software. This is the starting and mid-part of the laser cutting process. 

Once you upload the information regarding the shape, design, or image, it's time for laser adjustment. Adjust the height of the laser pointer according to the thickness of the workpiece. Place the workpiece and clean the laser pointer. After you remove the dirt particles from the pointer, turn the machine on. Make sure you test the design on a sample workpiece before going for the actual one.  

3 Common Types of Laser Cutting Machines 

Different types are available in the market, and these three are very common. They are different from each other in terms of performance, cost, and durability. 

CO2 Laser

The first is the CO2 laser cutting machine, the oldest type. However, it is still used in industries because of its durability and performance. Carbon dioxide and other gases like nitrogen and helium are used for the laser beam. You can still find laser-cutting equipment for this model in the market because of its versatility. This type is suitable for leather, plastic, wood, etc. It offers better finishing in some applications because it has a wavelength of around 10.5 micrometers. Since it consumes more energy, you might face some challenges.

Fiber Laser

It is a later version with a more powerful laser in terms of wavelength, around 1.05 micrometers. This type suits metals since it is one of the most efficient metal laser-cutting machines. Its laser is formed by diodes installed in it instead of any gas, which is why it consumes less energy than CO2. Also, it is more durable than the previous type. Since it has a sharper wavelength, it offers a higher focus on the target area. Because of this feature, it is suitable for thin materials.

Nd: YAG Laser 

The third type is a Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet laser machine. It has some similarities with the other types of laser-cutting machines. Its wavelength is around 1.06 micrometers, which shows that it is more precise. It is suitable for reflective materials like metals for a convenient cutting process. However, it is not cost-effective for non-metals like plastic, leather, etc.

Factors to Choose Industrial CNC Laser Cutting Machines

Then you will have to know some factors before choosing the right type of machine. There are some ways every buyer has to follow to select the best machine in the best way. 

Material Type 

The material you will work on plays a big role here. You will have to select the machine according to the type of material you will target. As you read above, metals and non-metals require separate treatments; similarly, the machine will have to be selected accordingly. This is why the laser cutting table has to be durable enough to bear the heat of the laser. You will have to select the machine according to these conditions.

Laser's Wavelength

The cutting ability of a laser relies on the power and wavelength. If you are cutting non-metals, you can go with a higher wavelength. The laser cutting system depends on the intensity and wavelength of the beam. You will have to choose a lower wavelength for metals in order to let the beam penetrate deeper.

Price of Machine

Choose a supplier who offers a discounted price so you can save lots of money. The initial cost of the laser cutting machine is high because of its size and performance. The price of the machine may vary, but it will be a wise move to go for a wholesaler. Then, you will get a competitive price to purchase the machine as per your budget. So, you will have to analyze the price by exploring multiple suppliers.

Maintenance and Performance Cost 

Always select machines whose parts are readily available in the market. Also, the maintenance process should be convenient for the workers. This includes laser cutting tools, which you will have to replace frequently if you have loads of work. All of it is part of the maintenance cost, which you will have to bear. Some parts may wear soon, and this is why the availability of those parts is essential. If you purchase a machine whose parts are not readily available or expensive, you will have a problem.

CNC Software Compatibility

The software used in these machines has to be compatible so you can operate it easily. If you are purchasing a laser-cutting CNC machine, make sure its software is compatible. Then, you will be able to give it instructions for smooth operations. User-friendly software can let you convert any design into hard form.  


These were some useful tips. With their help, you can select the type of laser cutting machine your products require. Then, you will be able to save money by selecting cost-effective machines with compatible tools and software.

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